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Personal Training in York

Hello and welcome to GRFitness!

My name is George and I specialise in helping men and women gain muscle, build strength, lose body-fat and increase body confidence, by offering personal training in York or via online coaching.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 7 years and have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people, helping them transform their physiques and in turn, their lives.

My coaching focuses on creating sustainable habits that delivers results, while also working around your other commitments such as work, social events and family. The key to success is to create a balanced regime that doesn’t impede on these other important factors in your life.

I am just as excited about achieving your goals as you are and together, we will construct a plan that will get you the results you want, as well as give you the tools you need to sustain your success.

If you’re ready to start looking and feeling the way you’ve always wanted, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you,


The core of my coaching is to create daily, sustainable

habits that will get you the results 

you’ve always wanted.

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