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results-driven coaching.




“I have worked with PTs before and I’m familiar with the potential concerns that crop up when trying to find one, like: Having a maintainable workout plan; informed nutrition; practical feedback; a personal approach; and evidence of progression. These haven’t been a problem with George. If you’re looking to invest in a PT and you’re worrying about where to put your money, GRFitness is a smart choice.”


“Amazing, George is very thorough and keeps the gym as enjoyable as possible. He gives constant feedback with precise attention to detail on specifics which give huge advantages in the gym. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, George is the best at what he does.”


“I’d never achieved these results on my own – even though I have trained for years. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time, and I am finally making the most out of my sessions which I haven’t for ages. It’s removed all anxiety around weight gain and has allowed me to go into a gaining phase without hating how my body has changed. A first for me!”


“George has exceeded all expectations I had of coaching (being someone who’s trained for a decade already). His attention to detail is top tier and he knows how to strike the balance to factor in your goals whilst allowing you to enjoy your life! I couldn’t have imagined the level of progress we have achieved and that is the exact reason I am still going with my coaching past the initial period that I thought I would!”


“Working with George has been first rate! His feedback is always supportive and not overwhelming. He provides useful strategies and tips whether around exercise or diet, as well as keeping me accountable.”


“I learned a lot from George, he knows his stuff when it comes to building muscle and losing weight. When I achieved my goal, George made me feel like I had just won the Olympia! It’s clear that he gets a buzz off his clients success.”


“George has a very different style of coaching to what I’ve been used to with previous PTs. He focused on helping me change my mentality towards food and exercise to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, rather than a quick fix based on physical appearance alone. George is really supportive and focuses on making sure my exercise technique is correct, again this process is not something I found with previous PTs. As a result, I feel I am becoming more confident in my ability during my workouts, as well as feeling more comfortable and less self-conscious in the gym.”


“Working with George has been very rewarding. Achieving the goals I wanted could only be done with help from George.”


“From the first meeting I had with George I was sold on the professionalism and genuine nature of George’s approach to training and how every little detail had been set out for me to achieve my goals. If you are stuck in the cycle of training and not seeing results use George’s services because he will have the missing link for you to start seeing those results, and will make the process enjoyable as you do it.”


“George has really helped focus my training and has made me really think about and monitor what I am eating and drinking with a positive attitude about all foods. His enthusiasm about weight training comes through and his humour helps to keep the feedback videos informative but fun. What i particularly like is how if something is not quite working or you need support with something George has got your back.”


“George designed a programme specifically catered to me, instead of using a cookie cutter programme like other coaches do. Despite some injuries, I continued to make progress after consulting George. His advice is always spot on and if an injury was playing up during a session, he adapted the session so I wouldn’t be hindered.”


“My experience with GRFitness has been incredibly uplifting and rewarding. George quickly understood my goals and reservations and developed a process that worked for my personal lifestyle. My confidence was at a very low point before I started this. Now I am feeling much more optimistic and comfortable about training and tracking nutrition in a healthy sustainable way.”


“Working with George has literally changed my life, I have never felt fitter/healthier, felt better in myself and enjoyed a fitness programme more. I am achieving my long term goals and receiving weekly detailed feedback always keeps me on track. I sleep better, have more energy, am slowly gaining muscle and I feel everything I’m learning will stay with me forever.”